Changes in AMSA Events due to closure of UGA

In light of the cancellation of classes until March 29th, we would like to provide you all with some updates in regards to AMSA. First, ALL AMSA affiliated meetings and events scheduled between now and the 29th of March have been cancelled effective immediately. Updates in regards to events that will be occurring after the 29th will be provided once we have more information from the university.

For those of you who planned on going to National Convention, we continue to plan to do so but are waiting on a response from National AMSA on whether or not the convention will still be taking place. In the event that the convention is cancelled, we will no longer be going to D.C. If convention is cancelled, we will reimburse those who paid only in the event that we receive reimbursements from National AMSA. We will not be able to provide reimbursements otherwise.

In regard to the points requirements, we will only be requiring 6 points to be considered an active member for Spring but will adjust this number if the remainder of the semester is moved to online classes. For those looking to run for the executive board, as of now, 18 points total and 6 points for this semester will be required to run. However, we will exhibit flexibility here, so please apply to run if you would like to. In reference to interviews for the executive board, we will conduct interviews after the 29th. If we go to online classes, we will consider skype interviews and will vote remotely. For now, we cannot say whether we will still do elections on April 2nd. The application for the executive board is still due on March 17th, but if you cannot finish it by then, please reach out to us.

Thank you everyone for your patience, and please reach out to us if you have any questions at