Chairs and Committees

2022-23 Chair Applications are now closed. Stay tuned as 2023-24 Chair Applications open!

Below is a list of the committee chair positions and a brief summary of their associated duties. If you have any further questions regarding the chair positions or time commitments associated with them, please email

Outreach Chairperson

Are you interested in connecting with local physicians and/or medical students and finding guest speakers for our General Body Meetings? This position is for you! Apply here.

Donation Drive Chair

Are you interested in helping plan intentional, impactful donation drives and helping with the collection and delivery of goods? If so, apply for the position of Donation Drive Chair next year!

Eli Pyrz, Donation Drive Chair

Spring Formal Chairs

Interested in helping us plan for a big pre-health formal? This is the position for you! Be sure to apply next year!

Sarah Opaleski, 2022-23 Spring Formal Chair

Deeya Khanwani, 2022-23 Spring Formal Chair

Newsletter Chair

Do you like to stay informed on all things medicine? Apply for Newsletter Chair and create "This Week in Medicine" short newsletters to be distributed to our members! Apply here next year!

Emily Kimbrell, 2022-23 Newsletter Chair

Scholarship Chair

Coming soon!

Mayor of Town Hall Application

As Mayor of Town Hall, you would host Town Hall meetings via Zoom to share knowledge on topics of your interest and to host discussions between other AMSA members. This position allows for flexibility and creativity to shape this role into what you think would benefit our members the most and be fun for you. Apply next year here!

Madison Lowe, 2022-23 Mayor of Town Hall