Forms for chair/committee applications can be found under the get involved -> committees tab!

AMSA Membership Spring 2024

Become an official member of UGA AMSA! The spring 2024 membership cycle is now closed! To inquire about joining, email or stay tuned for the Fall 2024 membership cycle!

Executive Board Application

Do you have a passion for AMSA, connecting to other pre-meds or are interested in leading AMSA next school year? Then apply to be a part of the executive board next year!

The application for the 2024 - 2025 Executive Board is now closed. 

Mentor/Mentee Sign Up Form

Are you an underclassman that wants to get to know someone personally in AMSA? Are you an upperclassman that wants to share advice and be a leader? Join to foster an even closer community in AMSA.

Spring 2024 Mentor-Mentee Registration is open! Sign up here!

Member Spotlight Submission

Have something to share? Any recent accomplishment you're proud of, or a friend to brag on? Let us know here!
(1 point per nominee and nominator)

Coffee With Exec Form

Have any questions for the members of executive board about anything pre-med, or just want to get to know them in general? Come grab coffee (on us, winky wink!) and have a chat. Fill out this form here!

Spring Formal

Want a fun end of the school year party to attend? AMSA's Spring Formal is held in April every Spring semester!

If you want to attend AMSA's Spring Formal, registration will reopen during the next school year! Extra non-AMSA friends are welcome and encouraged!!

For more info on Spring Formal be on the look out for details! 

Merch/Design Submission Form

Have any merch ideas that you would love to represent AMSA? Have some design ideas for our tshirts or other merch? Send in your ideas here. (1 point per submission with 2 points max. Note: You only get points for submitting a design idea.)

This opportunity is now closed for 2023 - 2024 school year.

Merch Pre-Order Form for Spring 2024 - Fill this out as a merch interest form!

Academic Recommendations form

Do you have any tips/tricks about classes that you can share? Professor recommendations, practice problems, quizlets, etc.? Submit them here! We are making a drive to share the knowledge for generations of pre-meds to come.  Completion is 1 pt.

View our collection of past recommendations from members here!

Suggestion Box

We want to hear from you! What comments or suggestions do you have for us to improve AMSA? Submit them here.