AM(S)Azing Member Spotlight

As the largest pre-medical community on campus, we have hundreds of members who accomplish great things throughout the semester. This page is dedicated to the top AMSA members who were previously highlighted on our social media or during a general body meeting. The following people exemplify the mission of our chapter and are regarded as leaders within the AMSA community!

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Spring 2024

Anannya Das, 4th year

Major: Genetics

Minor: Spanish

Involvement: Genetics Research, Peer Tutor, Peer Mentor, Scribe and Liaison of Mercy Health Clinic, Juggling Club, Honors Book Club, The Karate Club at UGA, Budokai

Julia Watt, 4th year

Major: Biology and Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience

Minor: Spanish


Eli Pyrz, 4th Year

Ekshya Katawal, 3rd Year

Fall 2023

Carson Meddings, 2nd Year

Major: Business
Involvement: Greek Life, UGA Miracle, works as a server

Carson continually demonstrates enthusiasm, compassion and an attitude of service and excellence in AMSA. He kindly and selflessly supported another member during the donation drive by bringing in gravy packets when the other member was unable.”

Maria Rodrigues, 1st Year

Major: Biomedical Physiology
Involvement: Alpha Gamma Delta, Brazilian Student Association

Maria demonstrated academic excellence and resilience by achieving an A in Biological Anthropology.

Caroline Crick, 1st Year

Major: Biology
Involvement: UGA Miracle, UGA Heros

Caroline is always showing excellence daily by being involved in this club and her school work. She volunteers with UGA Miracle and is a role model to her fellow peers.

Lauren Thomas, 1st Year

Major: Biology
Involvement: UGA Miracle, UGA Heros

Lauren has been exploring all the pre-med opportunities AMSA has to offer. She joining the mentor-mentee program for guidance and attended an army suture clinic with her AMSA mentor.

Janna Shissias, 4th Year

Major: Biology

Minor: Applied Biotechnology

Involvement: Phi Mu, Rescue paws, Neuroscience research with CODEX lab, OCHEM 2 TA

Janna has worked diligently throughout her pre-med journey and we are now excited to announce that she was accepted into the Medical University of South Caroline as an Early Decision Applicant!!!

Meghan Wolsifer, 3rd Year

Major: Biology

Minor: Human Development and Family Science

Involvement: UGA Aurora, Athens Church Small Group Leader

Meghan is working hard as a pre-med student and decided to be a mentor in the UGA AMSA mentor-mentee program! She can foster those under her and continue to be an amazing leader within AMSA. Additionally, to top it all off, she plays the piano!

Sophia Gavalas, 4th year

Majors: Microbiology & Philosophy

Involvement: CURO Scholars, PSO Scholars, Campus Kitchen

Sophia is constantly working hard as Co-President of AMSA and in her studies. She is doing an amazing job while constantly striving to put forth her best work in all she does. She is a great leader and friend. Additionally, she was accepted into an MD/PhD Program!!!

Spring 2021

Anvitha Kaguturu,
3rd Year

“Anvitha is an outstanding member with a strong work ethic. Her involvement in multiple places on campus serves as a good example of this. She works at the Tate Info Desk and tutors for the Athens Anti-Discrimination movement in her free time. She also participates in research in Dr. O'Brien's Cognitive and Communications Rehab Lab. In addition to these things, she is also a part of the UNICEF planning committee.”

Iqra Mohsin,
3rd Year

"Iqra has continued to serve as the President of the Pakistani Student Association and also her work in the Georgia Genomics & Bioinformatics Core doing DNA extractions. In conjunction with these activities, she began volunteering for a COVID-19 hotline in Athens and also volunteers at a free clinic in Augusta."

Srija Sengupta,
2nd Year

“Since I have been studying off-campus due to covid, I have been quite isolated from my teacher, classmates, and friends. You don't realize how much you miss the social support and casual joking in class until everyday consists of staring at a screen of names and just one camera of a professor lecturing.
Covid has caused a lot of us to become socially distant - we see each other less on campus (while I was there briefly) and hanging around together to study or grab lunch becomes a risk - however small it may be. For me, the social distance is nearly 80 miles, and when faced with Organic Chemistry and the chaos that is our current world alone, it is difficult.
Srija has been one of the close friends I can turn to when things happened. Whether it be when we were both stressing out over the next O-chem exam, or just calling to catch up. It's meant a lot to me that I've been able to connect with a friend over such a vast distance, and I've had a lot of trouble opening up. But she's listened, offered support, and been there at my lowest points as a great friend.”

Fall 2020

Kayla Johnson, 4th year

“Kayla served as the Vice President: Foundation for her sorority this past year. She was able to create a new philanthropy event during the pandemic that accounted for COVID safety and still raised more money than any previous philanthropy event! She also raised a guide dog for the Guide Dog Foundation and volunteers at Piedmont Regional.”

Hardhik Kummamuru, 2nd year

“He has been very involved with AMSA both this year and last. Hardhik always has great ideas and suggestions, and you can tell he is extremely passionate about medicine and healthcare! Over the summer, he moderated virtual conversations about various healthcare topics with people from all over the country and he's continued that with Grant during our Town Halls. Lastly, he is powering through his first semester of ochem and is doing great!”

Misha Ul-Islam, 3rd year

“Misha is part of this year's SGA cabinet. She has been working on many different reforms for the student body, such as improving the UGA app and conducting surveys about student interest on a post-graduate resource library. The latter is especially helpful for any pre-health student who's in need of study resources for MCAT, DAT, GRE, PCAT, etc. While being part of various organizations, Misha also participates in research at the Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core, where she studies and performs DNA extractions on various plant species. It's Misha's discipline that yields her success. She manages her roles and responsibilities in different organizations efficiently, all while helping others, whether it's through SGA reforms or volunteering at the hospital.”