Meet the Executive Board


Our Mission

The American Medical Student Association at the University of Georgia is the largest student run Pre-Medical organization on campus. Our goal is to provide resources and advice on a peer-by-peer basis, supported by an overarching national organization, in order to make our members the best future physicians and to reshape the world of medicine.

Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board for the 2019-2020 Academic year serving at the University of Georgia AMSA Chapter.

Taimoor Aslam


Taimoor is a 4th year Biology major.

"I joined AMSA so that I could help foster community among pre-med students and to provide students with the tools they need to be successful as pre-meds."

Karl Opara


Karl is a 3rd year Biology and Psychology double major.

"I want to go into medicine because I don't see myself doing anything else. Being able to help people both physically and mentally is something I feel called to."

Lyndon Sullivan-Brügger

Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Lyndon is a 3rd year Ecology and Biology double major with a Classical Culture minor.

"I joined AMSA when I first came to college and thought my only goal would be medicine. That changed under the influence of a previous AMSA Exec Member."

Jenna Scott


Jenna is a 4th year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major.

"I want to join the medical field because of summers spent in Haiti where I learned about inequalities in health care and the impact doctors can have."

Mary Flanagan


Mary is a 3rd year Health Promotion - Behavioral Medicine major.

"I joined AMSA because I wanted guidance as a pre-med. Now, AMSA has become one of the most meaningful things I have done in my college career!"

Mykela Bolar

Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Mykela is a 3rd year Biology and Psychology double major.

"I want to go into medicine because I’ve always wanted help people, whether it’s directly through treating patients, or indirectly through research."

Ryan Belloli

Vice President

Ryan is a 3rd year Cellular Biology major with a Public Health minor.

"I joined AMSA as a freshman and it has helped me grow greatly. Now I want to return the favor by guiding my fellow pre-meds on their  journeys."

Grant Whitebloom


Grant is a 3rd year Biology major with a Spanish minor.

"I want to be a physician so that I can help! Medicine gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for science in a rewarding setting where I can make a difference every day."

Matthew Busse

Events Coordinator

Matt is a 2nd year Biology and Psychology double major.

"I joined AMSA to learn more about what it means to pursue a career in the medicine and to find a community of students that I can go through college on a similar path with."