Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board for the 2019-2020 Academic year serving at the University of Georgia AMSA Chapter.

Taimoor Aslam


Taimoor is a 4th year Biology major.

"I joined AMSA to help foster community among pre-med students and to provide students with the tools they need to be successful as pre-meds.

Why I want to go into medicine? To provide patients and their families with hope and care during their toughest times."

Fun Fact: Taimoor can speak 3 languages!

Jenna Scott


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Jenna is a 4th year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major.

"I originally joined AMSA for guidance along the pre-med journey. However, not only has AMSA helped me become a more competitive med-school applicant, it has also provided me with a community of pre-med friends who have supported me along the way. I ran for Co-President because I want to foster this community for other undergrads. I am excited for another great year in AMSA!

I want to join the medical field because of summers spent in Haiti where I learned about inequalities in health care and the impact doctors can have."

Fun Fact: Jenna's favorite restaurant is Moe's! (She recommends the "Wrong Doug")

Ryan Belloli

Vice President

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Ryan is a 3rd year Cellular Biology major.

"I joined AMSA my freshman year as a pre-med and I have loved it ever since. It has guided me and helped me grow tremendously, and I have made friends along the way! I ran for Vice President because I want to give members an enriching experience with the workshops and a Mentor-Mentee program that is worthwhile and unique to AMSA

I want to go into medicine because it combines two of my passions: science and helping others."

Fun Fact: Ryan fractured his hip in the 7th grade and now puts 60% of his weight on the right side of his body!

Grant Whitebloom


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Grant is a 3rd year Biology major with a Spanish minor.

"I joined AMSA because of the great resources that it provides while giving members the opportunity to meet other pre-med students. This club has taught me about what it takes to become a competitive medical school applicant through the informative and valuable opportunities that are provided. As secretary, I enjoy meeting all of the members and keeping everyone up-to-date through emails, newsletters, and group messages.

I want to be a physician so that I can help! Medicine would give me the opportunity to combine my passion for science in an extremely rewarding setting where I can make a difference each and every day. To be able to assist people at some of their hardest and most vulnerable times is a profession that comes with great responsibility and even greater fulfillment."

Fun Fact: Grant loves baseball! He plays on the club team at UGA and his favorite team is the Chicago White Sox!

Karl Opara


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Karl is a 3rd year Biology and Psychology double major.

"I joined AMSA because I see it as a way to connect with students that have a very similar drive as I do.

I want to go into medicine because I don't see myself doing anything other than medicine. Being able to help people both physically and mentally is something I feel called to do."

Fun Fact: Karl was a soccer referee for 5+ years statewide!

Mary Flanagan


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Mary is a 3rd year Health Promotion major with an emphasis in Behavioral Medicine.

"I joined AMSA because I wanted guidance in my journey as a pre-med student. Little did I know that AMSA would become one of the most important and meaningful things I did in my college career! AMSA has brought me some of my closest friends and has allowed me to grow as an individual and a student in an environment that fosters support and inspires all of us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. I would recommend AMSA to any individual considering a career in medicine!

I want to go into medicine because of a personal experience I had with a physician who helped me recognize that my passion for helping others combined with my curiosity as a student could merge in a really wonderful way where I can individually work with people to help them in all aspects of their well-being."

Fun Fact: Mary's favorite animal is a cow! 

Matthew Busse

Events Coordinator

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Matthew is a 2nd year Biology and Psychology, with an emphasis in Neuroscience, double major.

"I joined AMSA to learn more about what it means to pursue a career in the medical field and to find a community of students that I can go through college on a similar path with. I ran for Events Coordinator so that I can play my part in creating an environment where a community of pre-med students will develop from.

I want to go into medicine so that I will help children to enjoy their childhood while they can. This is a time they should be with friends and developing into young adults, not a time that should be spent worrying about having pain or illness. I want to foster an environment that will make children comfortable coming to me about these worries, which will hopefully help to end the stigma of fear that surrounds too many people when they think of medical care."

Fun Fact: Matt has backpacked over 600 miles in his life!

Lyndon Sullivan-Brügger

Co-Volunteer Coordinator

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Lyndon is a 3rd year Ecology and Biology double major with a Classical Culture minor.

"The reason I joined AMSA was when I first came into college, I thought my only goal would be medicine. That however changed after becoming friends with the Event Coordinator at the time who encouraged me to look into ecology. His persuasion worked, and I a very thankful for it. Overall, adding ecology as a major made me realize I am interested in researching the interface of healthcare and the environment.

I am interested in pursuing medicine because of my mom. As a DNP working at a free clinic, my Mom would come home the with occasional heart-breaking or heart-lifting story involving her patients (she followed HIPAA). These stories inspired me to become a progressive change in the world, so I decided I would do that by following in my Mom’s footsteps."

Fun Fact: Lyndon has an identical twin brother! Also, when he has spare time, he enjoys slack lining!

Mykela Bolar

Co-Volunteer Coordinator

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Mykela is a 3rd year Biology and Psychology double major.

"I ran for Co-Volunteer Coordinator because I wanted to make volunteer events more accessible and I wanted for pre-med students to understand what goes on in their community.

I want to go into medicine because I’ve always wanted help people, whether it’s directly through treating patients, or indirectly through research."

Fun Fact: Mykela built a computer a couple of years ago exclusively to play games!