Mentor/Mentee Program

This year, we are proud to announce a revamp of the AMSA Mentor/Mentee program! For the first time, medical students from the AU/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens will be implemented! This program will now create families consisting of a current Medical School Student, an Upperclassman Mentor, and an Underclassman Mentee to create a beneficial dynamic that develops all those involved. For 1st and 2nd year students it provides first-hand, personal guidance to the pre-med track and college/medical school. For 3rd and 4th years it helps to develop leadership skills and allows the passage of wisdom to peers, while also getting advice on anything medical school-related.

Applications for the Spring 2020 Mentor Mentee Progam are now closed.

Returning Mentor or Mentee? Applications are now closed.

For questions regarding the Mentor/Mentee program, contact Vice President Ryan Belloli by emailing 

Overview of the Mentor/Mentee Program:

  • Input from current Medical Students to both Upperclassmen Mentor and Underclassmen Mentee
  • Will try to pair people within their majors, if possible
  • Must be an active UGA AMSA member
  • Mentors will receive one AMSA point
  • Additional points available for attending program-specific events
  • Mentors will also be able to put this opportunity on their medical school applications
  • Mentors will be provided resources to guide mentorship
  • Mentors will be provided resources to guide mentorship