Blood Drive

Our first blood drive with Red Cross is this upcoming Wednesday, September 20th at Tate Reception Hall from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. If you donate blood you will receive 2 points, and if you volunteer you will receive 1 point.

The qr code to donate is on the graphic attached and the links to volunteer are at the bottom. Below is some information about donating and volunteering for this event:


  • Trying to recruit ~20 people to sign up to donate
  • Be well rested the night before
  • Eat an iron rich meal and stay very hydrated beforehand
  • You will get free pizza and snacks at the blood drive after donating
  • On donation paperwork, please indicate your race and ethnicity
    • This ensures that patients will match successfully and have fewer adverse reactions
    • Keeps an eye out for diseases like Sickle Cell Anemia


  • Need ~4 people for tabling on day of drive
  • Need ~10 people to volunteer at the drive (registration and canteen)
  • Tabling: helping recruit donors and advocating for donating blood
    • Outside of Tate breezeway between Tate an bookstore
    • Hours slightly different à 11:30-3:30

-  Registration: phlebotomist will explain sign in and registration process, Red Cross exec will be at each shift change to help with understanding your role, very low stress

-  Canteen: making sure donors sit for ~15 minutes after donating blood, distribute snacks to donors after donating blood

Sign Up Links:

Please reach out to the AMSA email ( with any questions or concerns. Thank you for signing up!

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